What We Do

Benzen Group are a reliable and efficient recruitment company specialising in a number of sectors including Aerospace and Aviation, Defence, F1, Automotive, and Luxury Marine. We take our time in sourcing the correct candidate for any vacancy.

We will provide you with a straightforward and friendly service, and are committed to supplying the expertise and experience best suited to the vacancies available.

Our recruitment services are offered to anyone who is looking to pursue a permanent position in one of the specialised sectors, or anyone who may be looking for something temporary. We also offer a project team service, which allows us to create a team to complete any new or outstanding projects you may have.

Aerospace and Aviation

Aerospace and Aviation engineering deals with the design, development, production and operation of machines and aircraft maintenance.

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Besides aerospace and aviation, the defence industry also provides marine vehicles, guns, ammunition, and missiles.

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The F1 industry requires specialized composite workers to optimize their top level technology in order deliver the fastest lap times.

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Luxury Marine

All marine transportation, such as luxury yachts / jet boats / sub marines / amphibious vehicles  require composite engineering.

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The principle products in this industry are passenger automobiles and light trucks which includes pickups, vans, and high-end luxury sports cars.

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