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Get Skilled for Composites Work

Posted Monday 9th July 2018 Get skilled for composites work

How do I get into the composites industry? Where can I get training and qualifications in composites engineering? There are many job roles available in this broad discipline and many ways to get skilled. In this post, we detail some routes into the industry from apprenticeships to courses and qualifications.Read more

Is your CV holding you back from a job in the composites industry?

Posted Monday 2nd July 2018 Is your CV holding you back from getting work in the composites industry?

Composites fabrication is an industry that’s growing at a rapid pace thanks to advances in technology, fabrication techniques and real-world applications. Its never been a better time to get into the marketplace as more and more companies turn to carbon fibre technology for the many benefits it offers.Read more

How can your company hire the best workforce?

Posted Monday 14th May 2018 How can your company hire the best workforce?

At Benzen Group, we understand that for employers operating in the aerospace, automotive, energy or marine sector, hiring a strong and reliable workforce is essential in ensuring the on-going success of your business. However, finding staff with suitable skills, the right qualifications and sufficient experience to match your requirements can often be a difficult and time-consuming task. To make the recruitment process easier and boost your chances of securing the best talent, here are some useful tips to bear in mind if you decide to recruit for yourself.Read more