How can your company hire the best workforce?

Posted Monday 14th May 2018 How can your company hire the best workforce?

At Benzen Group, we understand that for employers operating in the aerospace, automotive, energy or marine sector, hiring a strong and reliable workforce is essential in ensuring the on-going success of your business. However, finding staff with suitable skills, the right qualifications and sufficient experience to match your requirements can often be a difficult and time-consuming task. To make the recruitment process easier and boost your chances of securing the best talent, here are some useful tips to bear in mind if you decide to recruit for yourself.

What certifications and experience to look for

One of the most important considerations when hiring composites workers, aircraft engineers and maintenance technicians is certification. Given the current shortage of skilled technicians in the manufacturing industry, recruiting certified staff can be highly valuable and ensure that only the most suitable and technically skilled candidates are shortlisted.

Of course, the qualifications needed depend on the industry and the specific role you’re recruiting for. For example, a job in aircraft composite materials, or aircraft maintenance, engineering and manufacturing may require a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or physics, a NVQ or a BTEC. Programmes such as the Certified Composites Technician (CCT) are recognised as the industry’s gold standard in training when it comes to composites work. More specialist training for specific aircraft may also be required, for example B1 / B2 type training for the 747.

As well as certification, looking for people with hands-on job experience is definitely worthwhile. Again, the level of experience required will depend entirely on the industry or project. Work experience can be gained through apprenticeship schemes or graduate programmes, while team leader and managerial positions will need more advanced experience. Remember to always check references to validate the potential employee’s work experience.

Remuneration expectations

Remuneration for composites work varies from one company to another, and it also depends on the candidate’s level of experience. However, if you want to recruit the best talent and maintain a competitive edge in the market, you’ll need to provide decent compensation.

To get an estimate of what you should be offering, try to get an idea of the market rate through job evaluation and research, which can be done with the help of a recruitment service or with online salary surveys. You can then tweak your pay offering depending on the circumstances and skills required for the job. It’s also important to make sure that the remuneration complies with local laws.

Where to find relevant information

To find out more about laws and regulations for UK companies, you’ll find plenty of relevant information online. For example, the UK government website includes useful guidelines and advice on work permits, tax, national insurance, employee rights and visas, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with these areas before you start the recruitment process so you don’t fall foul of any legal requirements. There are also a number of online publications for employers in the composites industry that may come in handy.

Use a specialist recruitment agency

One of the quickest and easiest ways to build a talented workforce is by using a recruitment service like Benzen Group. We specialise in recruitment for the aviation and manufacturing industry including specialist composites work and can use our market knowledge to help your company find employees with the best skills and experience to match your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a single person to fill a permanent role or an entire workforce for a contracted project, our recruitment services can identify not only the most qualified candidates, but also those who will fit in with your company culture and bring the most value. This means you can spend less time and effort trying to hire staff and focus more on your day-to-day operations and business strategy.

Talk to the team today to find out how Benzen Group can give you an edge in recruitment for your next project and add significant value to your organisation.